Is it worth waiting until Black Friday to buy your Christmas presents?

Is it worth waiting until Black Friday to buy your Christmas presents?

If you have got your eye on the newest hottest gadget available, are ready to upgrade a major appliance or are prepared to stock up on all the Christmas gifts for your deserving friends and family, it’s likely you’re not alone. But, the main question is, should we wait for the black Friday deals or can we get started now? 

Track the prices

There are apps available that track retail prices over a long term period. Once the sales arrive, this will give you a good insight as to whether you are getting a good deal or if the price has fluctuated running up to the Black Friday deal, meaning you are not getting as much of a deal as you thought. 

Do your research

Not everything will be included in the black Friday sales. There will be earlier sales, sometimes as early as the start of November. If you see something at a reasonable price now, you may need to buy it before Black Friday as otherwise, you may miss out. Make sure you do your research. Perhaps look at previous rates. Some shops do show if the product has been sold at a lower price previously if this is the case it may be worth waiting, but most of the time the earlier sales can be just as good as the Black Friday sale.

Look out for any ads that are leaking the black Friday sale prices. If you do find some that you are interested in, try and get as close to that price as possible in the early sales – using coupons that are currently available. If not, then you might want to wait it out.

Cashback sites

There are quite a few cashback offers available. If you look around for the best cashback app or which shop is offering the best cashback deals, you can end up with better deals than on Black Friday. You could even combine the best cashback offer with high cashback percentages and any coupons you may have found; this could give you better prices than any black Friday deal. 

Spread the cost

Sometimes, if you wait right up to the last minute, you can end up overspending. It could be better to spread your Christmas shopping out over the year. If you just buy a few things each month, you can cut your spending down quite a lot. There are a lot of sales throughout the year, and if you research what deals are coming up, you could be quite savvy with your spending and save even more.

It could be hard to judge as no one knows what will be included in the black Friday sales, so its good to plan what you want to buy for yourself, family and friends then research and keep an eye on the prices. Once you have that information, you will be able to decide whether the Black Friday sales are worth it or not. This will stop you panic buying once the deals come up, ending up spending more than you need to.

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