Best Gadgets To Help You Save Money On Energy Bills

Best Gadgets To Help You Save Money On Energy Bills

Shorter daylight hours and colder weather are on the way, and for many, this means seriously looking at the impact the rising energy cost will have on them this winter. Even though a unit price cap is in place, your behaviour last winter could be too costly to maintain this year. 

Dramatic increases in energy, food and travel costs will leave many struggling and needing to find ways to cut costs. Energy bills particularly have seen huge increases, which undoubtedly means finding smarter ways to get by.

Many gadgets are available to help you reduce your energy consumption and lower your bills. We look at some that could help you make a difference. Remember to check out both online and in-store prices to get the best deals.

Energy Saving Gadget ideas

LED lightbulbs – saving a whopping 90% energy usage for the same amount of light. Changing to LED bulbs can help you save as much as £50-£200 a year, depending on how many lights you have.

A step further is to change to Smart light bulbs connected to a smartphone or speaker. Quickly turn the lights off after forgetful family members without getting up from your seat. Great if you have a home full of teenagers or elderly who don’t understand the impact of rising energy prices.

Heated clothes airers – A tumble dryer cycle costs roughly £1.25 more than a year ago. Tumble drier balls can reduce drying time if you have no choice but to tumble dry. Yet, investing in a heated clothes airer will only use from as little as 7p per hour, so it could significantly affect your energy use to dry washing.

Air fryers – some of which have a grill function are a great way to reduce energy costs and still eat well. Air fryers can cook almost anything you usually use your big oven for. Yet, they are smaller, heat up quicker and can often cook food in less time than a traditional oven. 

Electric blankets and wraps – if it’s too costly to heat a whole room or house, think of heating just yourself and invest in a heated wrap to help save on heating bills.

One cup hot water dispensers – a hot drink is warming on a cold day, yet so much money is wasted when boiling a kettle. The range of energy-saving one-cup machines means you just pop your cup under and only boil the water your cup needs. It’s quicker too.

Final words on Energy Bills and Gadgets To Save You Money

While the UK government are tackling some of the issues of fuel poverty, still as many as two-thirds of families will find the higher energy costs a struggle this winter. Cutting down usage is going to be essential for many. Finding energy-saving gadgets and changing habits will undoubtedly help you reduce energy bills, so it’s worth looking at how you use energy and considering what changes you could make ahead of winter.

If our gadget list has inspired you, here are some further tips to reduce energy bills this winter to help you cut the amount you spend.


  1. Great tips – just what we need with winter approaching and energy prices at such unbelievable levels. We all need to find ways to cut costs.

    1. Agree Jags and I’m not sure why governments aren’t doing more to issue advice to people on how best to cut costs. That would be helpful for those who find it harder to budget…

    1. So true Dave – even those lucky enough to have had a pay rise are finding it doesn’t come close to the inflation rate. And if it’s not the rising cost of energy it’s the rising cost of food and other basic items.

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