How Can Self Storage Help With The Cost Of Living Crisis?

How Can Self Storage Help With The Cost Of Living Crisis?

The London storage experts look at how the cost of living crisis can be helped with something as simple as affordable self storage. The cost of living crisis is going to be with us for a while, but luckily there is a lot to be done to limit the damage and to maintain a good quality of life. Affordable self storage is one simple service you can invest in to help limit financial burdens and other issues that are causing you stress and worry. Here’s how self storage can help you with the cost of living crisis:

Renting Out Spare Space

Renting out your spare space on something like Airbnb can be really useful because you can make a really great amount on a nightly basis. Renting out on a monthly basis can also supplement your income, and it probably helps out your lodger too, as rentals seem to be in short supply at the moment.

Using affordable self storage you can easily clear some space in your home, whether that is the spare room, loft conversion or even an entire annexe space. Affordable self storage comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes and you can store as little or as much as you would like. It’s the quickest and easiest way to make room ready for a lodger/ paying nightly guests.

Pausing Moving House

The housing market is very up and down and a lot of people are pausing moving house at the moment. It is also something that goes on hold because it costs money to do, money many people can’t afford at the moment. Instead, if you have to stay in a home you know isn’t right for you, there is a lot you can do to enjoy it until the time comes that you can move. Self storage can help you to:

  • Move your things to make space for a growing family
  • Clear out a room for a hobby space
  • Make the most of the room across the house by storing seasonal items and other items you don’t need instant access to, in affordable self storage
  • Storing items whilst you invest in home improvements for a higher future house sale price

There will still remain a reason you want to move, but in the meantime, whilst you save money and stay put, self storage can help keep your life at home manageable, and perhaps even feeling a little bit better, too.

Storing Seasonal Items

You can store your seasonal items to make more room at home, and to protect sentimental items you aren’t able to replace. Items like camping gear, Christmas decorations, seasonal clothes – they all take up a lot of room, cost a lot of money and could benefit from a safe, secure space that has climate control, rather than the back of a wardrobe, or the dusty corners of a garage.

Creating A Nice Space At Home

Going out can be expensive and many people are doing a lot less of it now that the cost of living has become such a present issue, putting a squeeze on everyone but the highest earners. With self storage (check out cheap storage prices here) you can clear out that spare room or living room corner to transform it into a nice space that you can enjoy at home. A reading corner, mini home cinema, snuggle space – whatever takes your fancy.

A Home Office For Extra Work

Many people are taking on extra online work to make more money, which isn’t that easy to do in a shared space with others. If you can clear out the garage, spare room, dining room, or any other area that could be made into a home office, you can put everything into local self storage so it’s safe until such a time you want it back. It’s the quickest way to change any area from a cluttered waste, into a money-making space.

Giving Away To Charity

Perhaps you want to have a clearout and give some of your things away to charities to help others during the cost of living crisis. Local self storage can store your things securely until you’ve managed to move them onto a charity of your choice.

Making The Most Of Bargains

Sometimes bargains come up throughout the year that can be put away for future occasions. A great example is Christmas sales after Christmas that can be put away until the following Christmas. It is a long-game when it comes to saving money, but one that works well for a lot of people. Self storage can help you avoid the clutter of these early bargains by storing them safely and securely until it’s time to move them on.

Protecting Expensive Items You Can’t Afford To Replace

Lots of people have items that if worse came to worst they could sell on to make emergency cash. It is not the ideal scenario, but it is good to have something to fall back on in the event of a need for a larger cash injection. These kinds of items are not as safe as they could be when they are stored in your home. They are open to theft, human damage, environmental damage and getting lost. With self storage being as small as a gym locker, you can store jewellery and other expensive items in a place designed to keep them as safe as possible.

Storing Camping Gear

Camping is something many of us enjoy because it’s fun to holiday in the outdoors. Camping is also a lot cheaper than renting accommodation or staying in a hotel, but only if you have the gear to make it happen. Upfront, tents and other camping equipment is expensive and made to last, so it has to be protected to make sure it is fit for those money-saving holidays when the weather is warm enough. Climate controlled, secure self storage is the perfect way to keep your camping gear in great condition so you don’t have to miss out on holidays next year just because you’re on a budget.

Why not enquire with your local self storage facility to find out how their flexible, affordable services can help you with the cost of living crisis?

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