Travelling on a Budget: Tips for Affordable Adventures

Travelling on a Budget: Tips for Affordable Adventures

You would be forgiven for thinking that travel is expensive. It can be, but with the right attitude and some clever tricks there some fantastic ways in which you can reduce the cost of your travel without compromising on any of the experiences. 

Take a look at our helpful pointers and advice that will help you when travelling on a budget

Choose low season

Off-season travel is always cheaper, and this is where you can make significant savings on everything from transport to accommodation. The added advantage of choosing this time to travel is that you will be able to avoid some of the crowds. 

Tip: Low season isn’t the same everywhere so make sure you check the prices carefully and plan your itinerary accordingly. 

Affordable accommodation

There are plenty of accommodation options out there so rather than opting for a luxury hotel consider more budget friendly options like guesthouses, holiday rentals and hostels. With some careful planning you will find plenty of cosy choices out there at a fraction of the cost. These places are often smaller as well so may offer you a more authentic experience of the area you are visiting. 

Tip: book through trustworthy websites, check reviews carefully. Compare rates across sites as well for even better savings. 

Budget friendly flights

When it comes to planning your actually travel, be flexible. Moving your travel date around, even by a few days, can often mean that you will find significantly cheaper flights. Using price comparison sites will make it easier to find the cheapest flights to your destination and remember not to tie yourself to any particular airline for better choice. 

Tip: Look at week days flights and off peak hours for the best deals. 

Travel rewards

It is surprising where you can find travel rewards and how quickly they can mount up. If the airline you use offer a scheme, or the hotel you have opted for does a simillar reward program, then sign up. You may not be able to use your rewards for a while, but they will mount up as you travel and soon help you to get even better rates.

Tip: travel rewards are not just exclusive to airlines and hotels; they may also be available as a perk of other memberships you have like roadside assistance or even your credit card.

Act like a local

Local transportation is a great way to get around and usually the cheapest option, and it’s such a great way to experience the culture of the country you are visiting. Local food stands and regional markets are a good way of experiencing fantastic local dishes without the inflated prices of the tourist-trap eateries. 

You could also ask at your accommodation for recommendations of authentic local places to eat and don’t forget to ask for dish recommendations as well, this way you will get to try the speciality of each eatery.

Tip: Research local travel options before you travel, you may want to consider accommodation with good travel links. Also research authentic local eateries.

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