4 Ways to cut down on winter costs with your friends

4 Ways to cut down on winter costs with your friends

As we are approaching winter, we may start to think about all of the extra costs. These could include Christmas shopping, Christmas holidays, trips out and more. There is so much to fit into such a short time, and it all comes at a cost. Here, we are going to look at a few ways you can cut down those Christmas costs this year with a little help from your friends.

Share the childcare!

If you and your friends all work and have children, you will all be in the same boat again this year. Trying to sort out childcare for your children over the holidays is not easy. But, if you and your friends need childcare, why not share it out between you all? Get together over a coffee to make a plan. Talk about which of your friends are free on what days and draw up a timetable of whose house the children could go to over the holidays. This could minimise as much as half the childcare fees for each of you – now that is some saving!


Over the colder periods, your bills naturally shoot up as you are putting the heating on, using the drier more, having more hot baths and hot drinks.  Once the holidays start, you are in the house more so your heating is on all day as opposed to just at night. You and your friends could work out some playdates where your friend and their children come round to your house and save on their heating bill, and then they return the favour. If you could do this between a few friends, you could dramatically cut your energy bills as you are not using your energy throughout the day while you are out. Just don’t forget to turn the heating off!

Shopping Trips

It’s a good idea to start looking out for all of those shopping deals. There are a few larger shops that you could buy your Christmas food and presents in bulk at. This way, you could look at combining the wholesale price and any sales you may come across. Sometimes you may need to spend more money to get the discount activated. So, if you can combine your shopping with friends, you may be able to save more.

Days out

There are lots of things to do over the Christmas period including lots of days out. And, if you look around you may find deals on these too. Some deals include one adult and two children, or sometimes there is a family ticket option. If the family option is two adults and two children you may be missing out if there is only one adult and one child going. You could pair up with a friend and their child and enjoy the discount that you could save. Not to mention the savings you could make on petrol too if you both go together!

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