How to cut car costs for multi-car families

How to cut car costs for multi-car families

There is no denying that having a car can be expensive. However, for the majority of families, having access to a car is a necessity. They may need one to get to work, school, transport children to activities and even do the weekly shop. If you are a multi-car family, then these costs are even greater. If you are looking at ways in which you can reduce these costs that are associated with being a multi-car family, you may feel the only thing to do is reduce the number of cars. However, this is not always the case. There are in fact a number of things that you can do to cut the costs. 

Multi-car insurance

Multi-car insurance is a great way of cutting car cost and something that you should really consider if you have more than one vehicle. Usually, a multi-car insurance policy can cover up to five cars with all the benefits that you would receive from five regular car insurance policies but with a much lower price tag. It really is that simple. Multi-car breakdown cover works in exactly the same way and allows you to cover multiple vehicles on one policy for a reduced price. If you haven’t already looked into changing your insurance to cover all your cars in this way then you really should. Of course, it goes without saying if you are going to change your insurance to a multi-car policy it is a good idea to shop around and look for the best deal possible.

Car sharing

Obviously, there is often a good reason for having several vehicles in one family; usually, it is as simple as different people going to their place of work at different times or travelling in different directions. Where possible, and of course practical, it is better to try and combine journeys. This might mean one person dropping another off at work and then picking them up later, and whilst this can mean going a little out of the way the cost for the entire journey will be less than if two separate journeys were taken by two separate vehicles. 

Petrol costs

Whilst this tip will obviously benefit anyone who has a car it will save multi-car families a good amount of money. Shop around for the best place locally to buy fuel. If you have a supermarket petrol station nearby you may find that this is the cheapest place to fill up and if you shop there as well you obviously won’t be going out of your way. Many supermarkets run regular offers for customers who spend over a certain amount in store. These offers give money off fuel, and whilst this might not be a lot of money every time you fill up over the course of a year these small amounts can really add up; especially if you are filling up multiple cars.

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