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How to complain about a financial provider to the Ombudsman

This article on the Financial Ombudsman is by The Treasurer from Team Monevator. I was a big fan of the BBC’s Rogue Traders. The host Matt Allwright would confront dodgy businessmen in action. He’d chase them down a street if they did a runner from the cameras. It made for a great show, though it’s […]

November’s savings round-up & news

The latest news to help you get the most from your savings account. Here’s my monthly update sharing changes at leading UK savings accounts, as well as some of the articles you might have missed on the blog. In this article November’s savings update video November’s savings news Will interest rates rise? There was an […]

#FoodBankAdvent: How it works, and why you should take part

Join me and hundreds more in donating food and raising awareness of food poverty with a reverse advent calendar. Many of you know I also run the UK Money Bloggers community. It’s a group of people like me. We’re all a bit geeky when it comes to money, and we enjoy sharing our passion with […]

How unmarried couples can protect their finances

A reader asks what unmarried couples should do to protect themselves when they’ve accumulated significant assets: What if you’re not married but [are] in a relationship? As far as I can see there are tax issues if you die but want to leave your money to your other half. Is there anything that can be […]

How to make money from home without paying anything

If you are looking for ways to make money from home without paying anything, then we’re here to help. While we are always going to be massive fans of matched betting, we know that there are people who don’t want to pay anything upfront before they start to earn (although both Profit Accumulator and OddsMonkey […]

Best credit card offers and promotions (October 2021)

The best offers and promotions for credit cards from 0% interest through to introductory bonuses. Used responsibly, credit cards can help you earn money on purchases, give you stronger consumer protections, make holidays cheaper, help you clear debts or spread the cost of a big purchase.  Everyone’s situation will be different, so these are just […]

Should you invest in a startup?

Should you invest in a startup?

It can be a risky business investing in a startup. However it can also be rather rewarding, should your investment come to fruition. Many startups do not make it, so investing risks losing everything. However, for those that do make it; high returns on investment can be achieved.  Startups go through a number of stages. For those […]

Cash Chats #224: Your Money, This Week – 15 October 2021

Your weekly digest of the biggest money stories from the last seven days. In this article Every Friday on the pod it’s time for Your Money, This Week. Stories covered in this episode include: The new contactless limit The prevalence of Buy Now, Pay Later RyanAir demanding money back from passengers if they want to […]

Portfolio (basket) case study

Every now and then someone sends me their portfolio for thoughts and suggestions. One particularly stuck in my mind because it’s the type of portfolio I could have had if events had turned out differently. Reviewing it made me feel like I’d been transported to an alternate timeline. One of those parallel universes where the […]

Review: Getquin

You may have noticed that the last year or two have been a little bit of a rollercoaster. With financial uncertainty, job insecurity, and the fear of price increases across the board, people started to hunt for an alternative way. The result? A massive uptake in trading. People began to realise that they could take […]

5 Sacrifices We Made In Our 20s To Be FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT In Our 30s

5 SACRIFICES We Made In Our 20s To Be FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT In Our 30s Today’s post is conversational as we discuss some of the sacrifices that moved us along the money journey to become Financially Independent. Enjoy! 😀 Mary: Let’s talk about 5 sacrifices that we made in our 20s to be financially independent in […]

Building your credit score for the first time

Building your credit score for the first time

They often say that having no credit history is just as bad as having a poor credit file. The reason for this is that lenders will not have information about how credible you are. So, they will choose not to lend to you. It can be a little bit frustrating for those who have chosen […]

How I Turned My Side Hustle to Full-Time Business In 2 Years

How I Turned My Side Hustle to Full-Time Business In 2 Years – Ad | This is a paid partnership with Superscript Turning a side hustle or passion project into a full-time business that replaces your job is the dream for millions of people. It took me exactly 2 years and 4 months to go […]