Savvy saving for Christmas

Savvy saving for Christmas

Whilst some people might claim that it is too early to put up the Christmas decorations, it is really never too early to start thinking about next Christmas. With some really careful planning, there are some very good savings available throughout the year that can really help to spread the cost. So if you are already dreading the cost of Christmas 2020, here are some savvy saving tips to help ease the financial burden.

Shop the sales

The January sales are a great time for getting bargains. Whilst you are shopping don’t forget to look for Christmas items that you can stash for next year. If you are in need of a new tree or decorations, then this can be a great time to get them as the store do to have them cluttering up their stock rooms until next autumn. If you have the space, it can also be a good time to stock up on things like cards, wrapping paper and gift tags. The savings will vary depending on where you shop but this is a good way to make next Christmas a little cheaper. 

Make a list

It is highly likely that you won’t know what to purchase for people this far ahead. Certainly, if you have children to buy for it is highly likely that they will change their minds. However, it is still possible to give yourself a budget. Make a list of all the people you will want to buy presents for and work out how much you will want to spend. By starting now you will be able to work out how much you would need to put away each month so that the expense of Christmas doesn’t come as such a big shock. 

Shop around

When it comes to buying your presents, it is worth shopping around. You can often find the things you are looking for on special offers if you are organised enough to do an internet search before you go to the shops. Of course, if you are buying lots you may want to take advantage of online shopping and make things really easy. Some of the bigger stores have special toy events nearer to December. So, keep your eye open for these as they are a great way of saving money

Christmas dinner

There is nothing better than having the whole family round for a fantastic Christmas dinner, but it can be really expensive. There are lots of things that you can prepare and freeze in advance. So, do your meal planning carefully and spread the cost. There is no point going into the red over the cost of one meal, so if you can’t afford to host everyone why not ask if some of your guests can bring a dish with them to help spread the cost. Suggest this early on so that people have a chance to plan as well.

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