7 Ways to Reduce Your Christmas Spending Without Ruining Christmas

7 Ways to Reduce Your Christmas Spending Without Ruining Christmas

Everyone may well be saying that Christmas 2020 is not going to be ‘normal’ in all sorts of ways, but what is still normal is that many of us want to find ways in which we can celebrate the festive period without busting the budget with excessive Christmas spending.

So forget the carefully crafted ads which show the mythical perfect Christmas and instead work out how you can have the Christmas you can afford. Here are our top tips.

1 Quality not Quantity

Instead of buying tons of presents for the kids this year which are probably going to be played with once then forgotten about why not choose one really good quality gift, something which will last them. When it comes to wider family and friends why not all agree to not buy anything this year? Most will be glad of the chance to step back from this bank account draining tradition especially this year when everyone’s finances are under strain.

2 Make Money to Spend Money

Most of us will have things in our wardrobes, garages and sheds which were unwanted gifts from previous years or which are things we just don’t need any more so why not have a clear out and put your stuff on eBay, Gumtree, facebook market or advertise them in your local shop notice board or newspaper. Any cash you make will come in handy at Christmas.

3 Forget the Big Name Brands

Whether it’s the turkey, mince pies or the Christmas drinks there’s always very little difference, if any, in the quality and taste so shop at Aldi and Lidl instead of Waitrose or Fortnum’s.

4 Do Christmas Spending Online

It’s good to support local shops but the fact is that many things are cheaper online especially perfumes and toiletries. Check comparison sites to find the cheapest tech, CDs and books and to grab end of line clothing collections. Look for online outlet stores for end of line bargains.

If you’re happy to travel to collect items from an eBay seller you can often get a bargain this way. Click on https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/shopping/local-ebay-deals/ and enter your postcode to find last minute eBay bargains in your area.

5 Look for Cheap Credit for Christmas Spending

If you haven’t been able to build up a savings pot and you’re resigned to putting your Christmas spending on a credit card this year make sure you opt for a card with 0% interest. Just make sure you can pay it off within the 0% interest-free timescale. Or look for a card offering cashback on purchases.

6 Look for Wine and Bubbly Deals

If you’re determined to celebrate to the max check out the wine and champagne deals available. It’s often cheaper to buy a crate of drinks rather than individual bottles, especially if you share the cost with family or friends. Tesco, M & S, Majestic and others all have deals going at this time of year.

7 Be Resolute

It’s always tempting to shop on impulse and this can lead to excess Christmas spending. Make a list, draw up a budget and stick to it!  

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